This is off-topic but important enough to share because I had a hard time finding the solution to this problem.

About one month ago I started having problems when doing Google searches using Internet Explorer and Maxthon. Whenever I did a search it would get a listing of websites with correct descriptions but the links would be completely different, rendering Google searches useless. Most of the websites were related to shopping and other junk and scam sites unrelated to the search keywords.

Later I discovered that this affected all search engines, including Yahoo! and Windows Live. Luckily, I was still able to use FireFox to do Google searches.

However, even though I was able to find other people who had experienced the same problem, nobody had found a solution. I tried Spyware Search and Destroy and Fixwareout.exe but they did not solve the problem. I was seriously considering doing a clean install of Windows XP.

Yesterday, I found that I had the same problem with Google searches on FireFox, but Google searches on Google Chrome still worked.

Today I discovered that even searches on Google Chrome failed.

Then I remembered that whenever I did an Internet search I saw “waiting for” at the bottom of the browser window. So I did another Internet search and found the solution to the problem.

The malware is inserting script src = in the head of a Google search results page. This application is corrupting the valid URLs to point to scam sites.

Somebody who ran the Kaspersky lab online virus checker found the infection:

Rootkit.Win32.Agent.fwt in C:/Windows/system32/wdmaud.sys

No other virus/malware checker, including Spybot found any problems, despite running the latest definition updates.

None of my other computers have the wdmaud.sys file.

So after I went to C:/Windows/system32/ and deleted wdmaud.sys everything was working great again!

As I am writing this I am reminded how this applies to the holistic health.

Conventional medicine often uses drastic measures such as surgery or drugs. I was pretty close to reformatting my hard drive and doing a clean install of my computer operating system. However, careful analysis of the problem eventually led me to the solution.

One of the reasons that I have been so successful in holistic medicine is that thorough analysis is a routine part of my practice. Once you know what all the patient’s signs and symptoms are it becomes much easier to help them.

When I use NeuroModulation Technique, an advanced method of energy healing, to help my patients I use a computer analogy to explain to them how it works. We use the metaphor of information faults and data corruption. We scan for these and by using correction statements we are able to resolve these and restore the patient’s health. This is how I have been able to help patients with autism, allergies, and many other health problems.

This is the history of a 10 year old boy with a diagnosis of autism who showed remarkable improvement over the course of six weeks of treatment with NeuroModulation Technique.

The boy was the second oldest of three children who lived with his mother and two other siblings.

He was healthy at birth and developed normally. He received all childhood immunizations and at age four the following changes manifested: drooling, tantrums, loss of the ability to repeat words, compromise of expressive and receptive communication abilities, and clumsiness and reduced coordination. There were problems with motor skills that especially affected his hands and he exhibited clumsiness when walking.

By age seven he developed obesity because of various psychotropic medications that physicians had prescribed. By the time the patient presented for NMT treatment all medications had been discontinued.

The patient’s mother reported the following improvements since the start of NMT treatment.

About three to four weeks after the start of NMT treatment the mother had a meeting with one of her son’s teachers. The teacher reported that about three weeks prior to the meeting she noticed that the boy had become more mature and that he answered questions in class properly. At that time the mother did not think that it was because of the NMT treatment, but later on she made the connection when she realized that the NMT treatment had started three to four weeks previously. The mother also stated that she had not told the teacher that her son was receiving NMT treatment. So the teacher shared her observations spontaneously.

The boy has continued to improve and to do very well in school. In the past couple of months all his spelling tests have been 100% even though they are more advanced and challenging now. He is also doing better in mathematics. He is still below grade level for his age but improving.

Overall, he makes more sense when he talks. Now he can watch a movie or read a book and talk about it clearly. Before the NMT treatment he did not make much sense when he tried to talk about a book or movie.

Before NMT treatment he was very scared of the dark but that is much better now.
Also, it used to be impossible for him to be at home without his mother because he would cry and yell, but now he is fine when his mother is not there.

When his father came to pick him up once a week for visits he used to refuse to go with him. However, since the NMT treatment he has been willing to go with his father.

His relationship with his younger sister has changed also. He used to prefer to be by himself and to not be bothered. Now he and his sister are spending more time together. They do fight from time to time, but now it is not because he wants to be left alone but instead it is because they are competing with each other.
When he first came to my office he played a lot with strips of plastic from plastic bags. He used to tie the strips together into a ball and play with it constantly. He exhibits this behavior much less now.

He used to laugh at inappropriate times and this has improved since NMT treatment.
His eating is more varied now. He is willing to try all kinds of food now.

Finally, the boy’s psychologist recently discharged him from treatment because she felt that he had met all treatment goals.

Needless to say, the boy’s mother was very pleased that the NMT treatment resulted in such an improvement in her son’s autism.