There is no question that a mother’s breast milk and breastfeeding are best for an infant. However, there are some contraindications to breastfeeding. They include certain health conditions of the mother and certain medications that the mother is using that may be transmitted to the infant by breast milk. In addition, alternatives to breastfeeding are necessary when when mothers are not able to produce enough milk or when they choose not to breastfeed because of limited maternity leave or the need to work outside of the home.

Here are some links with information about the dangers of conventional infant formula. There are also links with information about healthy alternatives that are vital for parents who have young children. It is important that parents recognize that infant formula is junk food for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society. We have a choice and options to feed our children properly and the responsibility to set a sound foundation for future growth and development.

It is my hope that all parents who are now giving their infants store bought formula give this information serious consideration. If you are already making homemade baby formula or have done so in the past, please share your experiences by responding to this post.

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