January 2009

This is off-topic but important enough to share because I had a hard time finding the solution to this problem.

About one month ago I started having problems when doing Google searches using Internet Explorer and Maxthon. Whenever I did a search it would get a listing of websites with correct descriptions but the links would be completely different, rendering Google searches useless. Most of the websites were related to shopping and other junk and scam sites unrelated to the search keywords.

Later I discovered that this affected all search engines, including Yahoo! and Windows Live. Luckily, I was still able to use FireFox to do Google searches.

However, even though I was able to find other people who had experienced the same problem, nobody had found a solution. I tried Spyware Search and Destroy and Fixwareout.exe but they did not solve the problem. I was seriously considering doing a clean install of Windows XP.

Yesterday, I found that I had the same problem with Google searches on FireFox, but Google searches on Google Chrome still worked.

Today I discovered that even searches on Google Chrome failed.

Then I remembered that whenever I did an Internet search I saw “waiting for” at the bottom of the browser window. So I did another Internet search and found the solution to the problem.

The malware is inserting script src = in the head of a Google search results page. This application is corrupting the valid URLs to point to scam sites.

Somebody who ran the Kaspersky lab online virus checker http://www.kaspersky.com/virusscanner found the infection:

Rootkit.Win32.Agent.fwt in C:/Windows/system32/wdmaud.sys

No other virus/malware checker, including Spybot found any problems, despite running the latest definition updates.

None of my other computers have the wdmaud.sys file.

So after I went to C:/Windows/system32/ and deleted wdmaud.sys everything was working great again!

As I am writing this I am reminded how this applies to the holistic health.

Conventional medicine often uses drastic measures such as surgery or drugs. I was pretty close to reformatting my hard drive and doing a clean install of my computer operating system. However, careful analysis of the problem eventually led me to the solution.

One of the reasons that I have been so successful in holistic medicine is that thorough analysis is a routine part of my practice. Once you know what all the patient’s signs and symptoms are it becomes much easier to help them.

When I use NeuroModulation Technique, an advanced method of energy healing, to help my patients I use a computer analogy to explain to them how it works. We use the metaphor of information faults and data corruption. We scan for these and by using correction statements we are able to resolve these and restore the patient’s health. This is how I have been able to help patients with autism, allergies, and many other health problems.


This afternoon I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show with featured guest Suzanne Somers speaking on the topic of bioidentical hormone therapy.

Suzanne Somers has been an important advocate for bioidentical hormone replacement and anti-aging medicine in general. She is now 62 and looks great!

I enjoyed watching the show and seeing many women explain how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has given them their lives back.

There was one obstetrician gynecologist from Northwestern University who had an opposing viewpoint.

I’m sure that after watching the show many women had questions and reasons to rethink any treatment that they may have been receiving for perimenopausal or postmenopausal hormonal imbalances.

In my medical practice I first started with statically dosed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and now I use rhythmically dosed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I have found the latter to be vastly superior.

FDA approval does not mean that a medication or drug is safe. In my opinion, it simply means that it benefits Big Pharma or that it does not conflict with its interests. Estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone are examples of hormones that are FDA approved. They are made by compounding pharmacies and they are also marketed by Big Pharma. Estriol is not FDA approved, but that does not mean that it is not safe. We know that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Premarin and PremPro, was the driving force behind the FDA’s crackdown on pharmacies that use estriol in compounded formulations. Yet, we also know that Wyeth sells two types of estriol drugs in Europe. How much more hypocritical can you get? See http://www.naturalnews.com/022751.html

Premarin and PremPro are FDA approved but contain estrogens derived from horse urine and the latter also contains medroxyprogesterone, a non-bioidentical chemical that has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

As I sought to learn all about BHRT I read many books and attended seminars by Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Eldred Taylor, and T.S. Wiley. Ironically, the one that I found to be most helpful was not taught by a health professional: T.S. Wiley.

So like Suzanne Somers I endorse the Wiley Protocol (http://www.thewileyprotocol.com) and have seen outstanding results in my patients. Women feel like they are able to get their lives back, just like the women on Oprah today.

These are the things I like about the Wiley Protocol:

1) The hormones are identical to the ones that the human body makes.
2) Because the hormones are bioidentical they are able to form a perfect fit with the body’s hormone receptors, which results in physiological responses when dosed properly.
3) Dosing of the hormones is rhythmic and follows the pattern that we see in healthy young women with estradiol peaking on Day 12 and progesterone peaking on Day 21.
4) Among other things, the peak of estradiol on Day 12 causes activation of the progesterone and testosterone receptors, allowing these hormones to work better.
5) We are able to verify that women use the optimal amount of estradiol and progesterone by checking the levels on Day 12 and Day 21 of the cycle.
6) For postmenopausal women we synchronize the dosing schedule with the cycle of the moon.
7) Symptom relief is excellent. It simply works and patients are very happy with it.
8 ) Absence of side effects when dosed properly.
9) All the Wiley Registered Pharmacies use the same methods and raw materials to compound the Wiley Protocol hormones. This is very important! Standardization means that you can be sure that the Wiley Protocol hormones are exactly the same whether you get them from Knowles Apothecary in Kensington, Maryland, or any other Wiley Registered Pharmacy in North America.

The same cannot be said about other compounded hormones. There is no standard method for compounding Bi-Est and Tri-Est (estradiol/estriol +/- estrone combinations developed by Dr. Jonathan Wright) and other hormone creams. Different pharmacies use different compounding methods, raw materials, and bases to make these hormones so absorption and bioavailability may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and even within the same batch if the hormones are not mixed properly.

10) The route of delivery is transdermal which is convenient and optimal compared to hormone injections, capsules, troches, and pellets. Transdermal application of hormones allows for rhythmic dosing, and absorption into the fat base creates a depot that fosters steady state serum levels of hormone. Oral estradiol produces undesirable changes in C-reactive protein and metabolites from the first-pass effect through the liver.

Here are some resources for further study:

“Sex, Lies, and Menopause” and “Lights Out” by T.S. Wiley
The Wiley Protocol.com